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Leg Splint for Chicken or Duck

Leg Splint for Chicken or Duck

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3D printed, easy to use, durable. Made with high quality PLA.


This leg splint is designed to assist in the healing process of fractures that occur at or around the ankle in ducks and chickens who are still able to use and flex their toes. If there is loss of mobility in the foot as well, an add-on foot splint is recommended.

Sizing (measured by diameter):

Small (typically fits standard size chickens and runner/light weight ducks):

- Top opening: 28mm

- Ankle ball: 34mm

- Bottom opening: 20mm

Medium (typically fits pekins, muscovies, other large ducks, and chickens with severe swelling):

- Top opening: 33mm

- Ankle ball: 38mm

- Bottom opening: 29mm

Large (typically fits ducks with severe swelling)

- Top opening: 39mm

- Ankle ball: 44mm

- Bottom opening: 36mm

Apply as much padding around the leg as you can before setting the splint. Keep padding dry. For fractures, it is recommended to leave the splint on for 6 weeks. Remove the splint, clean, and assess the area at least once a week. For younger birds who are still growing, remove and check sizing every 3 days.

Intended for use with standard zip ties. Use small wire cutters for zip tie removal.

PLEASE NOTE - while wearing this splint, please restrict your bird’s movement by keeping them in a confined area, or ideally, a suspended sling. Just like with humans, the goal is to keep the fractured bones stable as they heal. This splint does not allow for natural movement of the ankle, so they will not be able to perch or lay down in their usual position. This is why keeping them in a suspended sling is ideal.

*if your bird is unable to use and flex their toes and it looks like the foot is limp, they will need an additional foot splint to stabilize the entire bottom portion of the leg for proper healing.

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